The Agile Test Automation Manifesto


I believe that automation should serve the whole team, and not just the tester
I leverage automation not only to speed up my own testing, but to help developers deliver higher quality products faster, and to help business articulate their needs more precisely.


I am a master of my tools, not a servant of a toolset or vendor
I am proficient with many tools and techniques, and I know the value of using the right tool for the job.


Wherever possible I automate requirements, not test cases
I have found that turning requirements into executable specifications before work starts is the most effective way to leverage the power of automation for an agile team.


I take pride in my automation, because it helps my team go faster
I write my automation code with the same care, skill and craft as the best production code.


I don't simply report issues, I drive quality from the outset
I am passionate about quality, and I believe that my role as a quality coach starts well before development. Quality is the responsibility of the whole team, and it is my role to help everyone on the team understand and live this.
I am a coder, a tester, a coach, a facilitator, a quality evangelist
I am an Agile Test Automation Engineer

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